Servo motors are dynamic and complex motors, especially when it comes to servicing and maintenance. The experience and competence of experts is essential. With the aid of elaborate analyses, we conduct tests in our test bays to achieve exact commutation and clean running behavior. The correct set-up of position sensing systems such as tacho-position encoders, resolvers, SINCOS encoders and absolute encoders using the special manufacturer test tools from Sick and Heidenhain plays a vital role here.

Baumüller Services: Manufacturer-independent and competent partner

Our experts have the necessary experience and, together with our specially equipped workshops, Baumüller Services is the right partner for you when it comes to repairing your DC servo motors, AC servo motors, and disc motors. Regardless of the brand, we will get your motor up and running again. As quickly as necessary and as affordably as possible.

Reliability through defined service packages

Transparent flat-rate prices and defined service packages for the repair of your servo motor offer you additional reliability for fast and efficient processing – from the inquiry all the way to delivery and re-commissioning. Extensive functional and load tests prior to delivery document the quality of the repair.

Added value through expertise in servo motors

For Baumüller Services, it is important to prevent your machines from failing again. For this purpose, we perform general overhauls as a standard service. In these overhauls, we check all wear parts. This significantly reduces the likelihood of your servo motor failing again, giving you the sense of security you need.

In the event of recurring faults, we will advise you about the possible cause and work out solutions so that the problem does not occur again in the future.

When time is of the essence: Express repair

If you must get it done fast, we also offer express repair, often with delivery on the same day as the order. That is, if the condition of the servo motor and the circumstances allow it. If a repair is no longer worthwhile, we can offer you a comparable servo motor from the Baumüller series.

repair servos

Efficient and high-quality repair for the longer and more reliable operation of a servo motor

Your benefits

  • Efficient and fast processing through defined service packages at calculated fixed prices
  • Increased efficiency and potential cost savings through service processing by a single partner
  • Precise adjustment of the encoder to your application prior to delivery and thus simplified servo motor re-commissioning
  • Very short standard delivery times for servo motors with optional express repair and thus reduced downtimes
  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and fast on-site troubleshooting of servo motors when necessary
  • To ensure quality, only original spare parts are used for the repair
  • Fine balancing of servo motors
  • Mechanical repairs (turning, spraying the shaft)