Commitment to Quality

We are proud of our high service standards and the quality of our workmanship - we aim to establish error free as our standard.

For Motion Tronic this means:

  • Striving to do things right first time and taking pride in our work
  • Self auditing and checking our work rigorously and not allowing the customer to find our mistakes before we do
  • Having the necessary back up systems to ensure error free as our standard
  • Never adopting short cuts or cost cutting measurers which could affect the quality of our work
  • Employing staff of the highest caliber with the right skills and training to do their job to these standards
  • Taking pride in our work and not only fulfilling our obligations but striving to add value wherever possible.
  • Using the best and most appropriate materials and techniques
  • Demanding the same high standards from our suppliers/subcontractors and only working with people who we know will accept and conform to them
  • Where our performance is found to fall below these standards, putting this right promptly
  • Only taking on projects where it is possible to achieve these high standards
  • Educating our clients so that they have appropriate expectations by which to judge quality and by informing them what we have done to fulfill these standards

For our customers this means that:

  • All our work meets or exceeds the standard that have been agreed with them
  • They do not have to be constantly vigilant in checking our work because they can rely on us to apply our own rigorous quality control
  • They are confident that anything they ask us to do will be done well
  • All engineering systems work properly at the start and consistently thereafter
  • If our performance is found to fall below these standards, the problem will be rectified immediately.