Efficient and Quick Diagnosis of Your Machinery

Many malfunctions can be solved remotely by our technical support. With remote diagnosis over the telephone, internet or using condition monitoring sensors, we provide a quick and cost-efficient solution to your problem, 24 hours a day and around the globe.
Baumuller has already set standards for remote monitoring and remote diagnostics in the printing industry with BAUDIS. However, Baumuller also offers the option of online analysis of the parameters for each individual drive using a standard modem in other sectors. During this process you always remain in control of the access to your machinery and plant.
Diagnosis tools such as infomaXX make it possible for users to read and log important parameters on, for example, the b maXX® 4000 series. In the event of a malfunction you will be able to contact one of our specialists via our 24-hour support line. Our specialist, together with your service personnel, will work together to resolve the problem so that the cause of the fault can be solved as quickly as possible.

Detailed Diagnosis and Targeted Call-Out Preparation, Shorten Machine Downtimes and Reduce Your Service Costs

Specific Service Call Preparation

If a problem cannot be solved remotely, the identification of the problem enables our service technicians to define the right equipment and the spare parts that may be required to solve the malfunction. This saves time on-site for the analysis and elimination of the cause of failure.
A network of qualified Baumuller organizations means service engineers are available on call at short notice. As a consequence a smooth handling of your service needs is provided. As part of a service partnership agreement, you can define additional service elements such as response times in the event of a malfunction and the keeping in stock of critical spare parts.


Our Objective is Your Benefit: Online Diagnostics for Swift Resolution of Faults

Your Benefits

  • Expensive downtimes can be reduced by swift location and resolution of the fault
  • Reduction in service costs through online diagnostics and trouble-shooting by your local service personnel
  • Know-how transfer to your service personnel who are then able to prevent possible future malfunctions and to some extent solve them
  • Reduction in on-site time by our service technicians thanks to fault-localization prior to departure
  • 24 hours and 7-Days a week availability of our telephone support and service engineers

Contact Remote Diagnosis: service@baumuller.com