Refurbishment of Your DC and AC Motor Controllers

Baumuller DC and AC controllers can be found in all types of customer-specific applications and in a wide range of industries. Baumuller USA is your partner for restoring or upgrading your unit to the latest software or hardware version.
Our range of repairs covers all types of Baumuller units and their accessories, regardless of the year of manufacture - from BUC through to b maXX®. With our state-of-the-art diagnostics system we repair from component to module level.
All units are subject to extensive functional tests in accordance with manufacturer specific requirements. A detailed inspection of parts significantly reduces the probability of a short term failure. As a result the lifecycle of your Baumuller electronics is extended.

Repair list Baumuller Electronics DC and AC Motor Controllers

Our automation services include the repair, maintenance, upgrading and manufacture of all types of Baumuller controllers, converters, inverters and their accessories - from BUC through to b maXX.

DC Drives
BKF12/2000, BKF12/3000, BKF12/6000, BKF12/7000,
BKD6/2000, BKD6/6000, BKD6/7000,

AC Analog Drives
BUS20, BUS21, BUS3,
BUG2, BUG20, BUG3,

AC Digital Drives
BKH62, BKH63,
BUC624, BUC625,
BUG622, BUG623,
BUL624, BUL625,
BUM60S, BUM60, BUM60B, BUM61, BUM616, BUM618, BUM62, BUM62T, BUM63, BUM64,
BUS621, BUS622, BUS623, BUS624, BUS62, BUS63, BUS64
bmaXX 44xx

Systematic Diagnostics and High Quality Repair of Your Unit

Audited Repair Quality

Thanks to our automated diagnostics systems which provide systematic and thorough testing, we offer short lead times – from the quotation through to delivery. We provide a detailed quotation within three working days and upon approval, offer a standard return shipping of controllers within five working days.
The functionality of all electronic units is thoroughly tested prior to delivery. During this process each unit is subjected to an endurance test at an ambient temperature of 55 °C.
Should a repair not prove to be economical, then with your approval the electronic unit will be disposed of in accordance with professional and environmental standards. In this case you will receive a quotation for an alternative replacement unit from our extensive stock.


Our Objective is Your Benefit: A Fully Repaired Unit with Extensive Automated Testing for Increased Reliability

Your Benefits

  • Precision, high quality repairs due to factory trained personnel and state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment
  • Product-specific repair facilities and test equipment ensure repair as good as new
  • If required, your unit is upgraded to the latest hardware and software version
  • Documentation and history management of the repair process
  • Prior to delivery your drive electronics are subject to an extensive endurance test
  • Root cause analysis is available upon request
  • Quotation for a replacement unit if a repair is uneconomical

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