Individually Optimized Services

With Baumuller maintenance agreements you profit from the bundling of services and obtain synergies from our wide, innovative range of services.
Our extensive services accompany you through the lifecycle of your machinery and plants: from installation and commissioning, through to predictive maintenance, high quality repairs and refurbishment and state of the art upgrades.
Baumuller maintenance agreements are modular. The services and their specifications are drawn up with you in order to meet your requirements. The various services can be combined individually or in numerous ways. The result is an optimized integrated service agreement that ensures the long-term protection and operation or your machinery, and that at fixed costs.

Tailored Service Package for Comprehensive Reliability and Calculable Costs

Understanding Your Business
During the preparation of your optimized service agreement, various scenarios are discussed and the most sensible approach selected.
Unplanned downtimes can be reduced by defining the response times and availability of engineers and material. The risk of such failures is considerably minimized by the regular inspection and maintenance of your machinery.
At any time you have access to all the services defined by our service partnership via your personal access to the customer portal at The configuration and content of this portal are also tailored to your needs.
With your individually optimized service partnership you will increase the availability and readiness of your machinery, and as a consequence increase your productivity.

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Our Objective is Your Benefit: The Maximum Availability of Your Motion Control Systems with the Lowest Possible Overall System Costs

Your Benefits

  • A service package specifically tailored to your requirements that ensures the long-term operation of your machinery
  • Fixed costs with a broad range of services
  • A competent and dependable motion control specialist accompanies you through the complete lifecycle of your systems
  • Defined procedures in case of a failure to minimize downtime
  • Optimization of machine availability through predictive maintenance and planned downtimes
  • A designated point of contact your service package leading to simplified and efficient processing

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