Early detection of impending malfunctions

An approaching bearing damage can manifest itself in the form of a change in the vibration. If undetected, the intensity of the vibration steadily increases resulting in the inevitable failure of the electrical drive. Through the early detection of impending mechanical and electrical faults, you can prevent unscheduled machine downtime.

Your machines and critical processes are monitored around the clock using our condition monitoring systems. Our mobile service teams can always be reached if needed and will be on the spot in the shortest possible time.

From planning and installation to the evaluation and archiving of the data obtained, we are your experienced partner for condition-based maintenance.

Continuous monitoring of critical process parameters

Solutions as individual as your plant

Condition monitoring is an essential element of modern maintenance planning. Together with you we draw up the optimal concept for your plant and its components.

After the commissioning phase during which the intelligent sensors are "taught" about your plant, system-specific parameter limits are set. Exceeding these limits is indicative of impending faults. These faults can then be rectified in good time by our service engineers. In this way you can increase the reliability and availability of your machinery and plant.


Our objective is your benefit: The avoidance of unplanned production losses

Your benefits

  • Reduction in downtimes as a consequence of component wear due to timely detection
  • Costs for secondary damage are avoided or reduced
  • Due to the continuous logging of the measured data, you are always kept informed about the state of your machinery
  • Installation, commissioning and monitoring of the condition monitoring system from a single source
  • Optimised exploitation of the wear reserve
  • Inspection cycles can be extended and maintenance work can be better planned
  • Immediate reporting by SMS or e-mail possible if the limits are exceeded