Quality coils for your rotating machines

We use state-of-the-art machines and equipment to manufacture ready-to-install coil sets and complete windings. We manufacture exactly according to your specifications, manufacturer's data sheets, or through professional re-engineering – always taking the required performance criteria into account.

We can also manufacture your coils!

  • Industrial three-phase and direct current motors
  • Traction motors
  • High-voltage motors
  • Generators


You too can benefit from our wide range of robust and high-quality coils!

Service range

Different types of electrical machines, applications and environments place different demands on the winding. For your application we can manufacture round wire coil sets, preformed flat copper coils, bar windings, and preformed coils up to a nominal voltage of 15 kV in different dimensions and for insulation classes H and F.

Manufacturing technology

Production is carried out according to requirements, using the resin-rich or the VPI process.

Quality and final testing

Only state-of-the-art and tried-and-tested insulating materials and other materials from renowned manufacturers are used to ensure the durability and quality of the coils. The processing quality of the coil sets and the complete windings are extensively tested and documented according to current standards as well as your specifications.

  • High voltage alternating current testing
  • Baker measurement
  • Tan Delta test

Delivery time

Our experienced employees and efficient work processes ensure short manufacturing times and fast delivery throughout the world.