Your efficient machinery transport

Baumüller Reparaturwerk is your reliable service partner, who oversees your projects - from start to finish - reliably and efficiently. Our transport logistics services range from the transfer of a single frequency inverter to the special transport of electrical machinery in the multi-megawatt range. Whether in remote places or in impassable ravines, we will find the optimum solution for you. With standardised transport prices for routine deliveries and a high level of cost transparency, Baumuller Reparaturwerk is your dependable service provider who makes it possible to cost every logistical challenge for your special transport projects. If requested, our service engineers can support you during dismantling and, after repair, with the installation and commissioning of your machinery and plant.

Our transport logistic solutions cover your needs, quickly, safely and without complications

Worldwide transport network

As a result of long-standing partnerships with dependable couriers and freight carriers, we have built up a dense network of strong partners across Germany. This network enables us to offer a 24-hour collection and delivery service to reduce expensive downtimes. In addition, our professional export department ensures quick worldwide transport of all repaired products or spare parts, when and where there is a need. As part of a service partnership agreement, fixed collection and delivery times as well as fixed response times can be agreed, resulting in a smooth handling of the logistics.


Our objective is your benefit: short channels in order to recommission your machinery and plant as quickly as possible

Your benefits

  • Simplified order processing due to complete implementation by one strong partner, from dismantling to transport, repair and recommissioning
  • Collection across Germany within the shortest possible time to ensure quick processing and reduced downtime
  • One partner for your transport logistics, from small deliveries to the special transport of electrical machinery weighing tons
  • As a result of our long-standing partnerships with experienced partners from the logistics sector you profit from economical and efficient solutions and a high level of adherence to schedule
  • Planning certainty due to fixed prices and a high level of cost transparency

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