From the component to the complete system

Installation and commissioning is a complex process that can have effects on the reliability and production quality of your machinery. You can shorten the time required for commissioning and as a result increase your process reliability with the expertise and experience of Baumuller service engineers.

Independent of whether the system is being commissioned for the first time, or reinstalled after repair or modernisation, we check both the parameters and the adjustment of all Baumuller drives and automation components, as well as their integration into other parts of the plant.

During the test runs your operators are instructed on the Baumüller systems. As a consequence, you can look forward to the reliable operation of your machine after final acceptance.

Reduction in installation costs and increase in the process reliability

Exactly adjusted to your application

Baumuller Reparaturwerk also undertakes the installation and commissioning of electrical machinery from other manufacturers - from servo motors to generators in the multi-megawatt range.

Your machinery is aligned using modern laser alignment systems to reduce the risk of imbalance and the resulting vibration. Our service engineers accompany you during the functionand performance tests, and advise on possible optimisation if required.

In addition -as part of a service partnership - we offer the option of a warranty extension to 18 or 24 months. This service package includes the refurbishment of your machine, the subsequent installation and commissioning, as well as regular maintenance.


Our objective is your benefit: The smooth operation of your machinery and plants after installation and commissioning

Your benefits

  • The operational readiness of your machinery and plants is increased by the exact adjustment and exact setting of the parameters for your Baumuller components and systems
  • A reduction in commissioning costs is possible due to the deployment of our experienced specialist personnel and quick, un-bureaucratic processing
  • Your production is quickly restarted due to a reduction in the time for commissioning
  • Know-how-transfer due to the instruction of your machine personnel on the components and systems used
  • Option of warranty extension for repair and subsequent installation, commissioning and maintenance

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