Professional and competent spare parts supply

Your machinery and plant comprise a large number of often very complex individual parts. Even the most robust part will at some point suffer from material fatigue. The failure of critical parts can then rapidly result in the breakdown of your entire machine. We ensure a very high availability of common wearing parts.
With our long regular opening hours and our 24-hour emergency service we are always ready to help. We understand how critical your situation can be and our un-bureaucratic procedures ensure rapid assistance. Experienced and technically qualified staff helps you with the identification of the correct spare parts.
As a consequence of our many years of experience with the repair of electrical drives of a very wide range of makes and the resulting stock of genuine spare parts, we are your partner for all you spare part needs - irrespective of the manufacturer.

Carbon Brushes • Brakes • Motor brushes • Brush holders • Commutators • Blower Units • Terminal Boxes • Box covers • Connection Boxes • Fans • Resolvers • Encoders • Tacho and tacho brushes

The right part at the right time in the right place: our understanding of service

Optimised stocking of necessary parts

Our specialists support you in determining your needs and in defining optimised packs of spare parts. You can store these on your premises or in a customer-specific store on our premises that we make available to you. As a result of our professional logistics and export procedures we ensure the fast worldwide dispatch of the necessary parts, when and where there is a need.
We also ensure the availability of genuine Baumuller spare parts even many years after series production has been discontinued. As a consequence, the long-term operation of your machine is ensured.


Our objective is your benefit: The global delivery of the necessary parts in the shortest possible time

Your benefits

  • Competent advice during the identification of the necessary spare parts
  • High availability of common wearing parts, if necessary around the clock, 365 days a year
  • No minimum order quantities; you receive exactly what you really need
  • Reduction in your stockholding costs due to customer-specific storage on our premises
  • Spare parts supply from a single source, even genuine spare parts from other drive manufactures are in stock
  • Worldwide deliveries are made in the shortest possible time, delivery mostly on the same day as the order is received

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