Rapid replacement if needed

Time is critical in the event of a malfunction on a machine. The time until the problem is rectified and the machine is working productively again. We help you to keep downtimes are short as possible. In our extensive replacement unit warehouse for Baumüller digital and analogue drive electronics, we have a replacement in stock for your unit.

If machine data records are available, your replacement Baumüller drive can be supplied fully configured. Our global network and experienced staff ensure your Baumüller drive is delivered in the shortest possible time. Availability and delivery time can be defined as part of a service partnership agreement, enabling you to then reduce your own stockholding.

We provide a 12-month warranty from delivery on our high-quality replacement Baumüller drives.

Expensive downtimes are reduced to a minimum by quick replacement with identical components

Extended usage of your machine

Our range of replacement units includes components both from the current product range and from series that were discontinued years ago. The ready supply of replacement units enables you to extend the lifetime of your machine.
To ensure we can continue to cover the future demand for replacement units, in the case of some special versions the faulty units must be returned so that they can be refurbished.


Our objective is your benefit: Minimisation of machine downtime

Your benefits

  • Reduction of expensive loss of production by rapid replacement
  • High availability due to our extensive replacement unit warehouse
  • Simple replacement of the units by adaptation to your application even before delivery
  • High quality replacement units direct from the manufacturer
  • Worldwide deliveries are also made in the shortest possible time – delivery is often on the same day as the order is received
  • 365-day, around the clock availability when needed

Contact Replacement Electronics: austausch@baumueller-services.com

Overview replacement electronics

We keep a wide range of digital and analogue units on stock to ensure rapid replacement for your Baumuller drive - when and where you need it.
Please note that type and serial number (see bold) are important for any enquiries.

Example of name plate: Einbau - Regelgerät
Type: BUM 60-VC-0A-001
Art.Nr.: 233498
Nr.: S97327826 J

Here an overview of available Baumuller drives which we offer as swift replacement:

DC Drives
BKF12/2000, BKF12/3000, BKF12/6000, BKF12/7000,
BKD6/2000, BKD6/6000, BKD6/7000,

AC Analogue Drives
BUS20, BUS21, BUS3,
BUG2, BUG20, BUG3,

AC Digital Drives
BKH62, BKH63,
BUC624, BUC625,
BUG622, BUG623,
BUL624, BUL625,
BUM60S, BUM60, BUM60B, BUM61, BUM616, BUM618, BUM62, BUM62T, BUM63, BUM64,
BUS621, BUS622, BUS623, BUS624, BUS62, BUS63, BUS64
bmaXX 44xx