Early detection of hidden sources of faults

Almost every physical component overheats before it fails. By undertaking a thermographic analysis on your machinery and plant it is possible for us to detect the start of damage at an early stage and to rectify it. This increases the safety and reliability of your plant. Thermography is a non-contact diagnostics technique that makes it possible to inspect your machinery and plant even when it is in operation. Even difficult to access objects can be measured thermographically. Mechanical and electrical weak spots can then be detected before they cause a failure. The evaluation of discovered hot-spots is an important element of the thermographic analysis. The results are evaluated by our specialist personnel and documented in a detailed report. Regular thermographic inspections produce a trend analysis that can detect gradually increasing variations and thus make it possible for you to take timely action.

Preventative maintenance of your machinery and plant using thermographic analyses

Diverse fields of application

Thermographic analyses have numerous usages. They are for instance, very suitable for inspecting electrical equipment such as switch cabinet systems and for detecting asymmetries and overloads. Defective insulators and crimp connections can also be identified. Overheating in mechanical components such as bearings, laminations and gearboxes can also be detected in good time by a thermographic analysis and rectified. Thermographic analysis is consequently an important instrument for the preventive maintenance of your machinery and plant.


Our objective is your benefit: The prevention of expensive system failures due to the timely detection and rectification of approaching malfunctions

Your benefits

  • Increase in the safety in the workplace due to timely detection of possible hazards
  • Thermal analyses are undertaken with the machine running without hindering its operation
  • Reduction in downtimes as a consequence of component wear due to timely detection
  • Regular measurement produces a trend for the evaluation of the state of the plant or machine
  • Documentation and evaluation of the measured data in informative reports
  • Quality verification for new electrical installations

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