Safety for your staff and electrical equipment

Defects in electrical plant and equipment represent an increased risk of fire and accidents. With the regular inspection of your electrical equipment and machinery, you will increase the safety of your staff, reduce the risk of damage and also comply with health and safety regulations.

As a qualified specialist organisation, we undertake the following equipment inspections (DGUV Vorschrift 3):

  • Inspection of portable equipment (in accordance with DIN VDE 0701/0702)
  • Inspection of fixed equipment (in accordance with DIN VDE 0113) and
  • Inspection of stationary equipment (in accordance with DIN VDE 0105-100).

Fixed schedules and fixed prices apply to all equipment inspections such that you can enjoy absolute planning certainty. Our inspection concept accompanies you from placing in operation through to disposal at the end of the lifecycle.
All steps from the evaluation of the current situation to the results of the visual and functional inspections, the risk assessment and the scheduling of repeat inspections are automatically documented and logged.

Optimised inspection concepts to ensure increased safety

Efficiency from experience

All inspections are undertaken by experienced staff. Each item is bar-coded to ensure quick and efficient processing during intermediate and regular inspections. The inspection intervals for the regular inspections of the equipment are defined individually, based on a risk assessment and are therefore optimised. We coordinate the schedule with you and assume responsibility for monitoring adhering to the set dates. If you wish to undertake the intermediate inspections yourself, we will be pleased to act as consultants and to train your inspection personnel. You can access test reports we have prepared and view upcoming inspection dates at all times.


Our objective is your benefit: An increase in health and safety with correct usage of your electrical equipment and machinery

Your benefits

  • The risk of damages is significantly reduced
  • Wear or damage is detected in good time, documented and rectified
  • Evidence of compliance with the DGUV Vorschrift 3 inspection stipulated by law in Germany can be used in court
  • In the case of a claim you can prevent further potential claims for compensation from the employers' liability insurance provider
  • Up to 10 % of the insurance premium is waived by the majority of insurers if evidence of compliance with health and safety regulations is provided
  • Cost and project clarity thanks to fixed prices on fixed schedules
  • Minimal interference with normal operation due to agreed schedule planning

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